What to Consider When Hiring a Pet Sitting Service

Cost will always be an important factor, however, most pet owners are willing to pay more for quality care. But, it will not hurt to ask if they have a flat rate or a discount should you be wanting a sitter for several days or will use the service regularly. Plus, ask it they need payment in advance, or upon your return?

It’s also advisable to ask if the pet sitting service has access to a vehicle, just in case of an emergency. Is the sitter able to take your pet to your vet? Also, another good way to find a good pet sitter is by speaking to your vet, as a professional reference will carry more weight than personal ones, and offer you more reassurance.

So if you need to go away unexpectedly and need someone to look after your furry friend, call Park Ridge TLC Pet Pals at (847) 495-2641 today. We are in Park Ridge, IL.


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