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The Services Provided by Each Professional Pet Sitter from Our Company

We all love having furry friends running around the house but unfortunately, we rarely have any time for them especially if we have a busy schedule. This is where Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals comes in. We specialize in taking care of your pooch because we really love animals and this is why we started our business. We offer a variety of services, including a pet sitting service and pet walking.

Looking for a professional pet sitter? Look no further! For years, we have looked after hundreds of dogs and our dedicated local pet sitter can look after your pet and make it feel at home even though you are not around. Dog owners are looking for that local dog sitter who can give their pet a cage-free and loving environment while you are not around, and we are the ones that can do it! We also offer a dog boarding service and we do not use cages at all.

Dog walker

Dog walker

Dogs love going for a walk but sometimes, owners can’t take them out because of their busy schedule. We have a team in which every pet walker is dedicated to walking your dog for you in Mt Prospect, IL, and makes sure that your furry companion gets its daily exercise. Daily walks are important for dogs because they need their exercise just like us humans do. Dogs, who do not have enough exercise tend to be unsociable and restless, and you do not want this to happen.

If you are in Mt Prospect, IL, you can always make sure that your dog is in good hands, especially since we have years of experience taking care of different pets. Also, we are all animal lovers so you can rest assured that your pooch is in good hands when he/she is with us! Contact us now at (847) 495-2641 for more information!