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If you are looking for an experienced pet sitter providing services in or around the Mt Prospect, IL area, Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals is the company to contact. You can follow us on Google+ so you can always be up-to-date with any ongoing discounts and specials we offer. Also, you can find some of our past customers’ reviews.

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Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
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 21 reviews
by Jenny Pannell on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
The Help Is Appreciated!

This dog walker comes daily to take my dog out while I'm at work. I work pretty long hours, and it wouldn't be fair to leave her indoors all day. It's her chance to get some exercise and socialize. Plus it keeps her fit. I'm not sure she's too bothered about going out, but she needs to stay in shape, she is a french bulldog!

by Erin Goode on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Very Trustworthy!

I'm so pleased with this dog sitter. I used the service for the first time last month because of an urgent trip I had to make. It was a choice of putting Brahms in the kennels or having someone stay at home with him. My friend told me about this company and said she had never had any issues at all, in fact, her dogs love the sitter! And I can confirm it was the right choice for my dog too. We had an initial meeting to see how he would react, and when he realized there were treats involved, he was sold!

by Pamela J. Delorme on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Great Service!

Shelby loves his walks. I swear he can tell the time because he's sat on the mat waiting for his dog walker and pals to turn up. I think if he could put his lead on himself he would be completely prepared for his dog walking session on his own! I know he has a great time while he's out because he comes back, he has his food and falls asleep! Bless him! But thanks from me and Shelby! We think your service is great!

by Eve Schmeling on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Much Appreciated!

I couldn't trust anyone else to do the pet sitting for me. Both my dogs are getting on now, and it is hard to introduce them to new people. I have been using this pet sitter for several years because I have parents that live abroad, and we have the occasional family reunion. While I'm away, I know I'll be kept up to date with how the dogs are and what they have been up to. So thank you for keeping my mind at ease while I'm gone.

by D. Campion on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Friendly and Patient

Betty. My Dalmatian just loves it when the pet sitter comes to take care of her. My job calls for me to travel on business a couple of times a year, which means I need someone to take care of her while I'm gone. I did put her into the kennels at first, but over the last couple of years, she has developed Urolithiasis, which means she has to have a special diet to control it. All I need to do is leave the instructions with the pet sitter, and I know all will be well while I'm away. I am kept up to date with pictures and messages letting me know how each day is going. So thanks for being there for her when I can't be!

by Richard Lewis on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

They really care about pets. My dog is a happy camper when I tell him that it is going to be walked by their sitter. Wish I knew about their pet sitting company earlier. Definitely the best of the best! Hands down for the amazing services!

by Laura Patterson on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Reliable people

This dog sitter is professional, reliable and super friendly. Kept me informed of every visit with important information and pictures. My senior bulldog has special needs and I feel he is in the best care. He suffers from anxiety and this person makes sure he feels safe while I am away.

by Steve Rogers on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Very Professional

They are absolutely the best pet caretakers in this town. They provide sitting services along with dog walking and other amazing options. I cannot recommend their company enough. Very reliable and communication is amazing. They even take care of pets with special needs. Highly recommend them to everyone in the area looking for a trustworthy pet sitter.

by Carl Taylor on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Thank You

Their dog walker does amazing work is awesome with my dogs. They adore this person. Thank you again for everything you have been doing for us over all these years.

by Lawrence Peterson on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

They have taken exceptional care of my two dogs several times over the past year. They kept me updated on how he was doing while I was away. It is clear their team enjoys what they are doing and it gives me comfort knowing my pets are in good hands. Highly recommend their pet sitter to anyone in this region!

by Marvin Haynes on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Wonderful company.

If you need a pet sitting company, this is the one you should call! I had a great experience with the experts of this business. They are friendly and kind. We will contact them again if we need professional pet sitting services provided by experts!

by Yvonne Summers on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

We needed a dog sitter during our vacation days, and we decided to contact this company. We enjoyed their friendly approach. They were professional, prompt, and accommodating. We highly recommend them to anyone in need!

by Angela Beck on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Great job!

This company literally saved the day and weekend for us. We just moved to a new neighborhood and we didn’t have enough free time to walk our dog. This is why a friend of mine told me that this company provides excellent dog walking services. I will call them again!

by Brandy Moody on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
So happy with their service!

We needed a dog walker while we were out of town for a week, and the one we hired from this company exceeded our expectations. She was super flexible with my busy schedule, and we are happy that we made the right choice. Thank you very much for your help, we appreciate your work!

by Margaret Pierce on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Thank you!

A pet sitter from this company helped me a lot! Last month, I was on a vacation with my family, and we needed a pet sitter for a couple of days. We contacted this place, and they were very kind to us. Thanks a lot, we will call them again!

by Roy T. Carter on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

If you want reliable pet sitting services, this is the company you can count on! I have two dogs and a cat, and they have come through for me every time I needed someone to watch over them when I needed to be away. They are always on time, they know how to treat animals right, and they’re affordable. I’ve never had any problems with their services and I will definitely keep relying on them in the future!

by James J. Freeman on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

I’m glad to know we have such an excellent dog sitter here in Mt Prospect, IL! My dog was sick and needed constant attention, but I couldn’t take time off work for it, so I used your services for a few hours daily for about two weeks. My puppy always got the medication on time, was well fed and walked, and didn’t feel lonely. I can’t even begin to explain how appreciative I am of all your help. Real caring professionals!

by Kevin C. Hancock on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

I recently broke my leg so I’m not able to walk my two dogs on my own. Instead of pestering friends and neighbors, I decided to hire a professional dog walking service. Your company had some great reviews, which is why I chose you. This was a decision I never regretted because you do such a great job with them. My pets are happy, healthy, and calm. Your services are truly worth every penny and then some!

by Tammy J. Matthews on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

This is by far the best dog walker I’ve used in Mt Prospect, IL! I work very long hours and my dog stays locked up in my apartment all day, so I needed a professional to walk it. I hire you to take my dog for long walks twice a day and make sure it has food and water available in the apartment when the walks are done. Your services are affordable and your personnel is very reliable and trustworthy, so I know my pet is in good hands. Thank you for being such a great help to me!

by Anthony P. Barnett on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals

I had to go out of town for business a couple of weeks ago for an entire week and this was the first time I had to leave my dog alone. A friend of mine told me to hire a professional pet sitter and recommended your company. I am very satisfied with how things went. You kept in contact with me every day to give me an update on the situation, which was very reassuring. Thank you so much for doing such a great job! I’ll keep your contact number tucked away for the next time I have to leave town.

by Jasmine Casey on Mount Prospect TLC Pet Pals
Thank you so much!

There was something urgent that I needed to do out of town and I really had to leave the same they I found out. My first thought was "what do I do with Fluke now??". I did not expect to find somebody on a such short notice, but this company proved me wrong. Thank you so much for taking care of Fluke!

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